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Highland Park Criminal Defense Attorney

You shouldn't give up if you're facing criminal charges in Highland Park. You need to hire a criminal defense lawyer who can make a difference because the result of your criminal case will affect your career and future. In order to effectively protect you and your rights, The Law Office of J.L. Pierce has the criminal defense attorneys, knowledge, and tools needed. Both of our criminal defense lawyers have extensive backgrounds as prosecutors. We have the resources and the experience necessary to give you the best chance of succeeding in your case.

Criminal defense attorney, J. L. Pierce, has worked as both a prosecutor and a police officer and has over 25 years of experience. Partnered with Mr. Pierce is Tom O'Connell, a former elected criminal District Attorney who served for 29 years. Both Mr. Pierce and Mr. O’Connell have made a commitment to defend people facing criminal charges in Highland Park and the surrounding areas. As a result of their collective experience, The Law Office of J. L. Pierce is familiar with how the other side operates, and we will put up a strong fight for you and your constitutional rights.

Criminal Defense in Highland Park

The prosecution must prove a crime beyond a reasonable doubt, so it is crucial to hire a criminal lawyer with experience who understands how the other side thinks. The trusted lawyers at The Law Office of J. L. Pierce have experience working as prosecutors, so they are able to construct the strongest defense by understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the State's case against you. Attorney Tom O’Connell was the Collin County District Attorney for 29 years, who was responsible for prosecuting all criminal cases. He knows the strengths and weaknesses of the State’s case against you. Attorney Jeff L. Pierce was an Assistant District Attorney and a police officer. As a former police officer, Mr. Pierce knows the correct procedures that officers must follow and can help you

Through this trying and confusing time, the legal team at The Law Office of J.L. Pierce is here to help and direct you. Contact us today at (972) 423- 0331 today for a free consultation.

Highland Park Resources
  • Highland Park Police Department and Municipal Court

Located in the Highland Park Town Offices

4700 Drexel Dr.
Dallas, TX 75205

The police department may be contacted by phone at (214) 521- 5000.

The Municipal Court may be contacted by phone at (214) 559-9303.

  • Dallas County Juvenile Department

Located in the Henry Wade Juvenile Justice Center

2600 Lone Star Drive
Dallas, TX 75212

You may contact the Juvenile Justice Center by phone at (214) 698- 2200.

Sex Crimes

Under Texas law, sexually related criminal offenses—also known as sex crimes—can result in a wide range of outcomes and severe penalties. For example, if a person is convicted of a sex crime involving a minor, their name will be added to a public list called the registered sex offenders' list. Aggravated sexual assaults and rapes can lead to felony charges and lengthy prison sentences. In Texas, the penalties for all sex-related crimes and offenses are among the harshest. This is especially true when a child is involved or when violent circumstances prevail.

If you receive probation, you must register as a sex offender for most sex crimes. Even if you were never found guilty and the judge never made it a condition of your probation to register, you may still be required to do so. When defending these cases, you need a lawyer with experience who is also honest and aggressive. Avoid becoming a known sexual offender for the rest of your life.

When facing such serious criminal allegations in Highland Park, having a criminal lawyer on your side can be crucial. Sexual offenses carry extremely severe penalties. The skilled defense attorneys at The Law Office of J. L. Pierce can tell you everything you need to know about the consequences of a sex-related crime conviction or probation, as well as answer any of your questions.

Computer Crime

Texas has passed measures to protect victims and combat cyber crimes. Computers have played a crucial role in enabling people to commit cybercrimes due to the internet's expansion and the rapid technological advancement of computers. Common crimes include:

  • Improperly accessing another person’s computer or network
  • Internet fraud
  • Computer hacking
  • Online solicitation of a minor, child pornography
  • Identity theft
Juvenile Crimes

In Texas, a person's age determines what is considered to be a "child." A child is someone who is 10 years old or older and under the age of seventeen, according to the Texas Family Code. When a minor turns eighteen, the court that has jurisdiction over them loses control over them if they have committed a crime while under supervision.

While punishment and public safety are the main goals of the criminal justice system, rehabilitation is given more weight in the juvenile system. Juveniles under the age of 18 frequently serve much shorter prison terms than adults for similar offenses. However, facilities are rarely built for rehabilitation, and adult offenders are subject to much harsher punishments. Instead of just serving out punishment, juvenile facilities are intended to be safe and positive environments where children can grow in virtue and character. Different penalties are meted out depending on the crime committed. Juvenile criminal records are typically kept private to give the young person a better chance at a successful future. The only exceptions are those who must register as sex offenders as children and those who have committed serious crimes and must serve out their sentences in adult correctional facilities. If a criminal record for an adult hasn't been sealed or expunged, it is public knowledge.

  • The Juvenile Justice System

Several choices are available if law enforcement is contacted regarding a juvenile's behavior. The child may only receive a warning from law enforcement and may not be taken into custody. The parent, caretaker, or guardian of the child will then get the notice of warning.

In Texas, the juvenile justice system is the same as the adult justice system in that police cannot detain a child without probable cause. To put it another way, a guess is not enough to arrest a child. In order to conclude that the child has engaged in an illegal activity, there needs to be reasonably credible information. To ensure that your child's rights are upheld, you as a parent must be on the lookout. A seasoned juvenile criminal defense attorney is necessary for your child if they are arrested and taken into the Texas Juvenile Justice System.

Your child may be held for up to six hours at a juvenile processing office if they are taken into custody. This is typically a room at the local police department where your child will be held. Your child will not be taken to a local jail or other type of detention facility by law enforcement.

  • Handling Juvenile Cases in Highland Park

All court proceedings involving minors require a personal appearance. A second charge of failure to appear may be brought against juveniles who fail to appear in court. The Department of Public Safety will report juveniles who fail to appear or pay their fine, and their driver's license will be suspended. They will not be able to get a driver's license until they appear in court if they do not already have one. Parents who don't show up to court could be in contempt of court. You should come to court to explain your circumstances to the judge if you are unable to pay the fine and costs for any reason.

  • Juvenile Detention Facilities

The child must be transported to a juvenile detention facility if it is not released to the parents or a guardian within six hours. During the child's time at the detention center, you, as a parent, are supposed to have the right to talk to the child face-to-face and privately. However, it may be in the child's best interest to prohibit this contact. Before a parent can communicate with their child, the department of juvenile probation may in some instances require a screening. Again, if your child is in this position at the juvenile detention center, you should immediately get in touch with an attorney for juvenile criminal defense. If you, as a parent, are seeking answers but are unable to obtain them, an experienced juvenile criminal defense attorney probably can.

  • Juvenile Records

Even if it's true that charges against a child cannot be made public, other agencies will still be able to access these charges. The Texas Juvenile Justice Information System was established in 1995 and is maintained by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

The district attorney, law enforcement, and your criminal defense lawyer will be able to see your juvenile contacts with law enforcement and violations if you or a child is arrested and charged with a felony. Once more, if you or a member of your family has been arrested in Highland Park on suspicion of a crime, you need to contact a criminal defense lawyer right away.


The legal limit for intoxication in Texas is.08 BAC (blood or breath alcohol concentration). Regardless of your blood alcohol content (BAC), you may be arrested and prosecuted with drunk driving if the police believe you are operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Prosecutors must be especially strict with those who are apprehended for driving while intoxicated because of how despised drunk driving is by the general public. But just because you've been accused of driving under the influence doesn't imply you're guilty. The strength of your drunk driving case can be assessed based on a number of different variables.

The Law Office of J.L. Pierce's Highland Park attorneys' collective legal experience enables us to comprehend both sides of a DWI case so that we can consult with you on the best course of action for your specific situation. A drunk driving charge might have serious consequences for your future, so contact a skilled criminal defense lawyer in Highland Park right now for a free consultation.

Drug Crimes

Even people charged with simple offenses like minor possession face severe punishment for drug crimes in Texas. If found guilty, drug offenses can result in prison time, hefty fines, community service, drug treatment, and even probation. The specific punishments you could receive depend on the alleged crime's nature and any prior convictions you might have on your record.

Understandably, if you have been detained in Highland Park for a drug offense, you may be concerned about the repercussions of a conviction. The Law Office of J.L. Pierce's criminal defense attorneys are ready to give you the vigorous and meticulously prepared legal defense you deserve and need.

Theft Crimes

Are you being investigated for theft in Highland Park? There are several ways that theft offenses might occur. Theft crimes are fundamentally about taking something—money or other property—from someone else with the intention of depriving them of that possession. It is not advisable to try to defend oneself in court if you are being prosecuted for a theft crime. The prosecution's attorneys have extensive experience in criminal law and will pursue a conviction tenaciously. The Law Office of J.L. Pierce's experienced Highland Park criminal defense lawyer can help you combat your accusations and provide legal advice.

Violent Crimes

When someone commits a violent crime, the Texas Penal Code imposes severe and harsh penalties to protect others from harm. Allegations of aggravated assault, sexual assault, murder, manslaughter, or robbery can land someone behind bars.

If you have been accused of committing a violent crime in Highland Park, you should hire an attorney who has the experience, knowledge, and courtroom skills to argue against the evidence in an intelligent and assertive manner. When your future and freedom are in jeopardy, our criminal defense attorneys in Highland Park provide you with the ferocious legal representation you require.

Representing Those Accused of Offenses in Highland Park

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