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Plano Juvenile Crimes Lawyer

As the former District Attorney in charge of prosecuting all Juvenile Criminal Defense in Plano and Collin County for over 35 years, and a former Police Officer, we know how the other side is thinking and can best evaluate your case.

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A thoughtless act committed as teenager could result in long-term consequences. If your child is facing criminal charges, seek legal help from an experienced defense lawyer committed to protecting your child's interests.

For more than 35 years, the Law Office of J.L. Pierce has defended juveniles in cases throughout Collin County, Dallas County, and surrounding areas. Our experience working as local prosecutors allows us work to minimize harsh penalties and in some circumstances a conviction.

We are committed to helping your child maintain a clean record. Call our Plano, Texas law office at (972) 423-0331 or e-mail us today for a free initial consultation. We have the determination and experience you need.

Defending Juveniles Facing Criminal Charges in Plano and Surrounding Counties

Juvenile criminal defense attorney J.L. Pierce is a former police officer and prosecutor with more than 25 years of experience serving Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Allen and TX. He is joined by defense lawyer Tom O'Connell, who served as the criminal district attorney in Collin County for 29 years. Our criminal defense team's firsthand understanding of how the other side works helps them defend juveniles accused of:

We work to keep juvenile charges out of adult court. When possible, we fight for a reduction in charges or dropping of the charges. Our law firm includes experienced trial attorneys who aggressively challenge evidence obtained against juveniles. If charges cannot be dropped, we negotiate with prosecutors to place the juvenile in a diversion program.

Pursuing Rehabilitative Solutions

In Texas, juvenile court encourages rehabilitation over punishment as much as possible. Our law firm's juvenile criminal defense attorneys consult social service agencies and the court to identity positive rehabilitative solutions. For example, if the child struggled with underage drinking, we look into a substance abuse program. We have also made suggestions for juveniles to meet with counselors or participate in volunteer opportunities.

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